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  Our Mission 我们的使命

We, being a strong, dynamic, loving and caring community of God’s people are committed in light of the challenges of the 21st Century to:

  • Draw people to God (Mission/Evangelism)
  • Nurture people to Maturity (Maturity/Discipleship)
  • Equip people for Service (Ministry/Service)
  • Thank & praise God with our lives (Magnification/Worship)
  • Support each other in word and deeds (Membership/Fellowship)



我们是一群心中有爱与关怀, 活泼且有动力的上帝子民, 由於21世纪的挑战,我们愿意承诺委身教会的使命:

  • 领人归主 (宣教/传福福音)
  • 培育成熟 (成熟/门徒训练)
  • 装备服侍 (事工/爱神服事)
  • 高举基督 (称颂/敬拜人生)
  • 彼此扶助 (成员/属灵团契)

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