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  Our Strategy 我们的策略

Balance our Church through Purpose Driven
(extracted and modified from purposedriven.com)

We believe a congregation must have an intentional process for bringing the lost into relationship with Christ and to encourage its members to purposefully move deeper into their relationship with God. The Purpose Driven process establishes a clear and deliberate structure that makes it easy for every visitor to see how to take further steps toward God and helps every member to consistently measure personal progress in his or her own spiritual growth.

We have a deliberate plan to incorporate the five purposes (worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, missions) into our lives and to keep those purposes balanced. Healthy, balanced members are foundational to a healthy, balanced church.

We use the "concentric circle" model to explain the core Purpose Driven process for bringing people in our community into our congregation and then developing them into core members involved in ministry and missions. In addition, we use a U.S.-styled baseball “diamond" to show the steps, or bases, toward spiritual maturity for each individual and the congregation as a whole.


我们刻意的策划与融合五个目标( 敬拜, 团契, 门训,服事,宣教)进入我们的生活并保持之间的平衡。健康与平衡的会友是个建立健康与平衡教会的基础。


Purpose Driven draws attenders into membership

The concentric circle model helps us identify the different levels of commitment within our congregation. It also helps our leadership team quickly see how people's needs differ at each level and what level members should next move toward.


In a sense, we have five different people groups related to our church:



Those living around our church who never, or occasionally, attend.



Those who attend our church regularly but are not members.



Those who are committed to both Christ and membership in our church family.



Those members who are serious about growing to spiritual maturity.



Those members who actively serve in ministry and mission in your church.

社区 : 那些住在教会周围到从未,或有时参加教会
会众 : 那些时常参加聚会但未注册成为会员
会友 : 那些委身在基督与教会家庭的会员
门徒 : 那些认真要在灵里成熟成长的会员
核心 : 那些活跃于教会的事奉与任务

Each group has unique needs, motives, challenges, and POTENTIAL! Our goal is to support you as you turn an audience into a work force for God.

Purpose Driven offers an intentional discipleship model


The Purpose Driven process moves people -- from being unchurched and uncommitted -- to a deep level of spiritual maturity and commitment, where they are involved in ministry and living out their God-shaped mission in the world. We use a U.S.-styled baseball “diamond" to show these steps, or bases, toward spiritual maturity.

Purpose Driven helps our members move deeper in their walk with Christ through:



Our members learn to love each other and to love the lost.



Our members have a consistent focus on growing deeper in their faith.



Our members understand their God-given SHAPE and be motivated to serve within your congregation.



Our members begin to fulfilling Christ’s command to go into the entire world, telling and teaching about Jesus.

团契 : 使我们的会友学习彼此相爱,并爱那些失落的人
门徒 : 使我们的会友能够维持继续信仰成长的焦点
事工 : 使我们的会友了解上帝所赐给他们特殊朔造的生命,并启动他们在会众中服事
传福音 : 使我们的会友会开始完成基督的使命,到全世界各地宣扬耶稣的福音并教导祂的教训!

If you want to learn more about Purpose Driven, please get hold of the book by Rick Warren,The Purpose Driven Church




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