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Weekly Articles 周刊

Date: 26-Oct-2014
Source/Author:         Rev Irene

Two weeks ago, I talked of the 8 myths (misunderstandings)* of the Missionary Call.  I repeat them here for you:
1.    The Call is a definite event
2.    Paul’s Macedonian call is a model of the Missionary call.  Acts 16:6-10
3.    Calls to Missionary Service always come through mystical experiences
4.    You cannot become a successful missionary without a “Call”
5.    A call is the best test of fitness for missionary service
6.    A call to full-time service is given only to especially gifted people
7.    A call is completely irrelevant to becoming a missionary
8.    A call involves only God and the one who is called

So, how does God call a person to the missions field particularly for a long term basis?

This morning we have Sis Tham Mei who will tell us how she first came to be interested in missions, how she was led to go to Cambodia and the process she went through before actually leaving for the field.  She will explain how she came to the conclusion that God wanted her in Cambodia and her emotional journey in leaving her own country for a new one.  She will also share about what she would do differently if she has this opportunity all over again.

I also want to thank each and every one of you who have generously contributed their prayers and resources (physical and financial) to the work of Missions.  Thank you for your support to this church to enable the Great Commission to continue unhindered.  We have been given a prophecy during our 80th anniversary Sunday service when God said this to encourage us in our missions effort:

“The Lord will even say this day to you, I will use this place as a launching pad…that you have been supportive of missionaries and missionary endeavors but the Lord says get ready for I am beginning to do a new work in that area.  The days will come you will no more support them but you will begin to train them here.  This will also be a missionary training endeavor.  {Instead?} of supporting them you will send them from this womb.” (19th Oct 2014)

To God be the glory always,
Ps Irene

*Introducing World Missions by Moreau, Corwin, McGee

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