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Elder Wong Mei Testimony 黄微长老见证

Title: God is the great physician 神是大医生
Date: 27-Aug-2012
Source/Author:         Elder Wong Mei 黄微长老





2 0 1 1年某天,我到医院探访过后在路上跌倒,伤及膝盖。儿女们带我去见医生和照X光,我不断求神医治我,因为我心里仍然记挂着教会的服事,希望能继续服事神。感谢神保守,我只蒙受皮外伤,休养3个星期后就可如常走动了。这对一名80岁的老人而言,真是一个神迹!若不是神的医治,靠着自己根本不能办到。我为着神的保守与恩典,向祂献上感恩和赞美。

My right eye was hurt when I was young and left me with only 50% reading power. I did not seek for any treatment as my family was poor.

50 years later, my second daughter brought me see a famous eye specialist. But he told us it was too late to operate. We did not give up. We visited another specialist to have a second opinion. He confirmed my right eye was operable.

It took a few months to recover from the operation. My heart  was filled with peace and joy because Jesus had healed my eye through this doctor. Now my eye is completely recovered and I can read Bible daily.

Sometimes, God’s healing does not come immediately but progressively. He also gives us wisdom to find the best doctor to heal us.

One day in 2011, I fell and hurt my knee after I visited a hospital. My daughters brought me to visit a doctor and x-rayed my knee. I prayed that God would heal me as I was concerned about church ministry and my service to God. The doctor confirmed it was only some external wounds. Thank God. After 3 weeks, I was able to walk again as normal. For a lady of 80 years old like me, this is really a miracle! If God had not healed, I could not do any thing. I thank and praise God for His protection and grace.

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