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Elder Wong Mei Testimony 黄微长老见证

Title: Experiencing the Power of Healing 经历医治的大能
Date: 27-Aug-2012
Source/Author:         Elder Wong Mei 黄微长老




In 1972, I was diagnosed with thyroid problems and suffered much. I was told this disease could not be , healed and I must take medicine for the rest of my life. I ,suffered much and became depressed.

I prayed to God for healing and attended healing rallies but nothing happened. I did not give up. I knew God would answer my prayer. One night, I felt I could sleep well  until morning. I knew that God had healed me. I was very thankful.

I went for a check up again. The doctor told me I was healed. I told him God healed me. The doctor ignored my comment and prescribed medication for me. I took the medicine and left the clinic. In the name of Jesus, I threw the medicine in the drainage. Since then, I do not need the medicine anymore.




Revelation from Dream

Another deep impression happened in 1995. God gave me a dream to see a scan of my womb. After which, my daughter took me for a checkup and found a lump in my womb. I had a hysterectomy operation to remove my womb. I recovered and am healthy until today. Thank God for His healing power.

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