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Elder Wong Mei Testimony 黄微长老见证

Title: God is our great Psalmist 神是伟大的诗人
Date: 27-Aug-2012
Source/Author:         Elder Wong Mei 黄微长老


God is our great Psalmist
God is our great psalmist. I have a habit of keeping a journal and pen beside my bed so that I can write down immediately whatever God has spoken to
me quietly. His words are precise and rhythmic so that I can easily remember them in my heart. The following are some of the words God spoken to me.
God is a wedding psalmist. He gave me a wedding congratulatory message for Pastor and Mrs Abel Chong to encourage them to serve our Lord. Pastor Abel Chong’s Chinese name was embedded in the congratulatory psalm.

[The sound of the savior’s bell fills the sky]
[Every nation shall receive His grace]
[The name of our savior is well known through the world]
[Bearing more fruits to glorify His name (Matt 24:14)]

Another wedding congratulatory message for a missionary couple:

[Together hand in hand praising God]
[Fearing no difficulties to walk a thousand miles]
[Going through high mountains and peaks]
[In order to bring the gospel to others]

Similarly for Rev Stephen Ong’s birthday:

年年有今日 有长寿
[Every year is same as today, longevity]
岁岁有主恩 有恩惠
[Every year is God’s grace, grace]
灵魂体兴盛 有平安
[Today, soul and spirit always prosperous, peace]
牧羊主羊群 有灵力
[Pastoring God’s sheep, spiritual strength]
时时蒙主爱 有体力
[Every time fills with God’s love, physical strength]
刻刻记在心 有喜乐
[Always remember in the heart, joy]
分分得膏抹 有恩膏
[Every moment being anointed, anointing]
秒秒救万人 有赏赐
[Every second souls are saved, rewards]

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