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Weekly Articles 周刊

Title: Living As A Nation Under God
Date: 10-Aug-2014
Source/Author:         Pastor Michael Leong

As Christians, we want Malaysia to be a nation under God – a nation under His authority, rule and power.

Firstly, a nation under God would have a fear of God pervading the land and especially in the government of the day. To fear God means to revere God’s authority, obey His commandments, and shun all form of evil. We will become very aware and careful in what we do. All our hearts’ desires, all the things we do, will be held accountable to His judgment. We should live right and do right even when no one is watching.  That is what integrity is all about. 

Secondly, a nation under God would be guided by His principles of truth, justice and righteousness. Although these are Christian tenets, it is written for all mankind. It is God’s standard for holy living. God is concerned that every society should be a community of truth and justice. No one is to bear false testimony. All are to speak the truth in love. When justice and righteousness is upheld, it produces security so that a nation can live in peace and harmony. When a nation is built on truth and transparency, when there is justice, fairness and righteousness, it will result in a great society and a strong nation. 

Thirdly, a nation under God would be a nation where everyone in the land is treated with dignity and respect. God made everyone according to His image. Hence, all are precious. Every people and every level of society is to be honored. There is no discrimination based on ethnicity, race, religion or gender. We should be affirming, encouraging and valuing each other in this land.

Fourthly, there is spirit of excellence and hard work. All hard work bring wealth and profits. The Scripture emphasizes that we must work hard and give our very best in whatever we do, wherever we are, because He has given us the abilities and capabilities needed for it. There also need to be a spirit of excellence in our hard work – to strive for betterment instead of maintaining status quo.

Yet, this spirit of excellence and hard work must be counter-balanced by compassion and care for the downs and outs of society. If a society only emphasizes on excellence and meritocracy, the society can become a very proud and ruthless society. The Bible is very specific that we are to have compassion and care for the poor and needy, marginalized, and the oppressed. When Jesus walked the earth, He purposely ministered to these people.

In this Merdeka Day, let us pray fervently and increasingly for Malaysia because she is a nation under God.

Pastor Michael Leong

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