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Weekly Articles 周刊

Date: 14-Dec-2014
Source/Author:         Pastor Michael Leong

Luke 2:10 “The angel said to the Shepherds, ‘Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be FOR ALL PEOPLE.’”

Luke 2:25-34 “I have seen the Savior you have given TO ALL PEOPLE. He is a light to reveal God to THE NATIONS.”

The second chapter of Luke narrates the birth and the growing years of Mary’s boy Jesus and many Christmas narratives were often based on it. In these fifty-two verses, there are two phrase that we may not give importance to – “for all people” and “to all people”. These two phrase taught us five things about God through the birth of Jesus. We have looked at the first two last week. Here are the following three:

Third, God shares the pain of all people. God is not a distant and impersonal God. Regardless of who you are and what’s your pain, there are three things that is true to everybody. First, God wired us to feel pain. He is the one who gave you the ability to experience pleasure and pain. Second, Jesus experienced our pain. He took upon Himself all the guilt, pain, hurts and sins of everyone in history. Third, the Holy Spirit prays for our pain. God loves us so much that He even talks to Himself about our pain.

Fourth, God sacrifices His son for all people. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the sacrificial lamb. He is sinless, He is the Son of God and He came willingly to suffer and die on the hands of evil men. Christmas is not complete without the message of the cross.

Fifth, God shares His home to all who are willing to believe and receive. We are made by God and we are valuable to Him. Although our physical body may perish, our spirit will live on forever – and God wants to invite you to live with Him forever in an eternal home called heaven.
Isn't that an amazing good news of great joy? The greatest gift of Christmas is Jesus. When you accept Him, you will also accept His goodness, His love, His forgiveness and His eternal home. It’s kinda dumb if you celebrate Christmas without receiving the gift of Christmas. Today, will you open your heart and commit your life and your loved ones to Him who cares for you more than anyone else?

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